WINiT Case Study: Nancy Medoff

WINiT and Hospitality Industry Leader Charts a New Career Course


Relationship built through WINiT Network Facilitates New Career Opportunity for Sales Executive

As a career sales professional, Nancy Medoff has spent a significant portion of her impressive career climbing the ranks of Marriott International’s sales organization. Nancy managed the accounts of global clients for over 4000 worldwide properties among other sales and operations leadership roles.

Like sales, networking has always been a natural skill and point of passion for Nancy so when she learned about WINiT in the summer of 2014, she was drawn to its mission and focus on connecting and support women in the travel industry. Upon joining, Nancy immediately became an active Member of the organization, volunteering to serve on WINiT’s Developing Talent committee and integrating herself into the growing professional network of members.

How WINiT Helped: New Friends, New Opportunities

In preparation for the WINiT Annual Summit 2015, WINiT Founder, Michelle (Mick) Lee, turned to WINiT’s leaders to serve as panelists on a leadership panel being organized for the event; Nancy was one of the leaders Mick asked to serve on the panel. The day before the event, all of the panelists got together to meet, rehearse, and prepare for their role as panelist. Nancy sat down next to a woman she’d never met before and asked the woman for her opinion on her closing, as Nancy was not feeling confident about the impact the closing would make on the audience. The woman, Therese Kelleher, loved Nancy’s closing and encouraged her to take the leap, use what she had prepared, and trust her instincts.  The two women immediately connected – both professionally and personally – and made the commitment to stay in touch.

As both women had hectic work and travel schedules, getting together sometimes proved challenging, but both Nancy and Therese made connecting a priority. Whether a quick phone call or a more leisurely dinner, the two professionals found time to continue to foster their relationship, developing a deeper understanding of each other’s capabilities, personalities, and professional aspirations in order to support one another’s growth. During these casual and productive get togethers, Nancy and Therese would imagine an environment where they could work together to create a world class sales culture and positively disrupt the marketplace with game changing services and client deliverables. Pie in the sky discussions, if you will.

In December 2016, Therese accepted the role of Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, BCD Meetings & Events (BCDME) and thought of Nancy and bringing her on to BCDME to help implement and execute their previous intentions. The timing was right for Nancy to make a career change and to leave Marriott for a new challenge. By March 2017, Nancy had accepted the role as Vice President, Global Sales at BCDME.

Benefits Realized

Nancy has a natural affinity for connecting, but she credits WINiT with creating and building a network and source of services for women in the travel, meeting, event, and exhibition. “My relationship with Therese – and so many others – came directly as a result of my involvement with WINiT. I’m so proud to be a part of an organization that shares a passionate commitment to helping women advance and achieve their career aspirations,” Nancy stated.

Nancy and Therese are now working together to create a game changing organization. They are also both active members of WINiT’s leadership team, contributing their time and insight to ensuring WINiT meets the evolving needs of its Members, Donors, and Partners.