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WINiT Career Board Plays Key Role in Facilitating Member’s Career Transition


Travel Industry Strategic Director, Lisa Arrendondo, looks to WINiT to help find her advance her career

Over the course of her 20-year sales career, Lisa Arredondo has worked in a variety of different industries in a range of roles. Each industry presented Lisa with a unique set of challenges, circumstances, and successes, but it has always been working with clients to create solutions that make a real impact on an organization and its customers that has fostered Lisa’s love of sales. Currently the Director of Strategic Business at Focus Point International, Lisa learned about WINiT in 2015 through another WINiT Member who was a part of Lisa’s professional network. Lisa’s desire to connect with other professionals and expand her network made the decision to join WINiT an easy one. “Networking and making a continuous commitment to learning and developing is invaluable. WINiT offers career development resources and opportunities that no other organization in the travel industry does,” commented Lisa.

How WINiT Helped: Preparing and Pursuing New Career Opportunities

Lisa found herself ready to make a career change in early 2016. She was in a role that had evolved over time and was no longer a good fit based on Lisa’s long-term career objectives. Still, she was keen to stay in the Travel industry but was looking for an executive level sales or operational role within the Travel industry. Lisa began leveraging the professional network she had built through WINiT but also recognized that WINiT offered several services and programs that would help expedite her job search process. Specifically, Lisa wanted to update and refine her resume to streamline the content as well as highlight key capabilities that she felt were important in securing a new role that aligned with her interests and strengths. The WINiT Career Board offers a complimentary resume review and editing service. Lisa uploaded her resume directly through the Career Board and a professional writer reviewed and provided prompt feedback which Lisa felt helped improve her resume’s quality and clarity.

Lisa also took advantage of the network of industry professionals that represents WINiT members. Once her resume was updated, she began sharing it with the many WINiT members she had added to her own professional network. She was immediately welcomed with support and encouragement, either through referrals to other professionals who might know of open sales executive roles or informal mentoring and advice to facilitate her job search process.

Benefits Realized

In October 2016, Lisa accepted her current role as Director of Strategic Business at Focus Point International. Lisa credits WINiT with not only providing career search services, like resume review and editing, but also creating and fostering a network of professionals that support and nurture its Members through the often challenging and nerve wreaking process of finding a new job. “My experience with WINiT and the WINiT Career Board was rewarding and supportive, which is tremendously helpful during a stressful time,” Lisa remarked. Lisa is happy in her new role and continues to take advantage of her membership in WINiT to further deepen and broaden her professional network.