WINiT BOD: Do they really think they can IMPACT equality?

The short answer is Yes!

The lack of female representation at the senior levels in travel, events, meetings and exhibitions organizations is not a new headline.  Pick up any newspaper or magazine or read any online news brief, and you cannot avoid the statistics or the conversation.

A study released by Grant Thornton shows that globally “the level of women in senior roles has risen just 3% in the past five years, to stand at 24%.” And while “33 percent of senior management roles in hospitality are held by women,” hospitality and related industries have significantly higher rates of female employees than other industries, making these numbers deceiving.

As we all know, this has been going on for a very long time and has been discussed, debated and addressed by some very smart women and men over the last century.

And yet here we (still) are.

One of our favorite pics we recently found online that shares our powerful message!

How can we have an IMPACT?

What makes WINiT different and what makes Tony, Gail, Christie, DaveBeth, Karen, Danielle, Carrie, Lisa, Tahnee, Paul and Rita (all WINiT BOD Members) feel they can succeed where others have failed?

Just like last week’s conversation, we are back to the Power of 5.

Here is what they say:

WINiT has 5 differentiators that make the organization unique from other women’s organizations.

As Founding WINiT Leader and former WINiT Board Chair, Rita Visser stated in the first several weeks WINiT was founded back in 2014, “There are groups and associations that make our industries better. WINiT is here to make the PEOPLE in our industries better.”

One of the key philosophies held by the leaders of WINiT is an intention to complement, not compete, with other well-established and successful organizations. WINiT leadership makes it easy for women and men of all levels to get engaged with whatever amount of time or funding they have available.

Carrie Freeman Parsons, WINiT BOD Vice Chair elaborated on this point “One of the most unique features of WINiT is the “open architecture” of the programming. In other words, the goal is not to replace or duplicate company or association programs – but to augment them – and encourages participation in ALL programs that will serve you. WINiT took a fragmented industry where leaders have skills that are transferrable across all, addressed a gap in development and visibility programming and built it in a way that it allows flexibility and customization by donor company and individual.”

Another key recipe for success?  Including men in the conversation.

Founding Leader, existing BOD member and Former WINiT Board Chair, Dave Hilfman: “I continue to be surprised how many of the guys I speak to who have heard of WINiT and support the mission, but didn’t consider joining themselves! This is a network of women AND men, guys, we need you to actively get engaged – join as a member and get involved!”

These two things we know for sure… it will take a long time to eradicate this issue and with your help, WINiT will put a dent in it.

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