When was the last time you invested in YOU?

We have all heard the riddle…

…and know the answer: TIME.

Life is busier than ever. Longer hours at the office, commute, kids, events,

volunteering, working out, bills – the list is long and the demands are many.

Time has become our greatest commodity. As a result, two things have happened.

  1. We frequently put ourselves last.
  2. We seriously evaluate every request for our time to determine its value
  3. against our rapidly depleting time bank.

As a small and lean organization, WINiT understands, first hand, the value of time. We rely on the generously donated time of our network of leaders and volunteers to create and sustain our organization.

Our Advisory Board, specifically, plays a key role in confirming our strategic direction and shaping unique programs that meet the needs of our Members.

“The WINiT Advisory Board is made up of successful leaders in their fields. They are involved with WINiT to share their knowledge, innovate, give back to the industry and propel other members forward for success; in other words, they lean forward AND reach back. WINiT is an organization that fosters professional growth; it creates transparent and open learning opportunities (online and offline) from members of all career levels, skill sets and generations.” Rana Walker, Founding WINiT Leader, Advisory Board Member, Principal and Co-Founder GR&AT Management

WINiT has remained consistent since we were founded in 2014, ensuring that we only provide programming that does not duplicate programs already existing in our industries. Our intention is to offer programs and services that allow Members – easily and conveniently – to invest time in advancing their lives and careers.

Thank you to our Advisory Board – Barbara, Doug, Peter, Kathy, Pam, Ron, Nina, Peter, Kurt, Craig, Dave, Kathleen, Paul, Christine, Michael, Steve, Rich, Cathy, Rana, Nancy and Beth –for driving the creation of our rich, differentiated career development and leadership programs that support our the three pillars of our mission.

  • Personal Development Webinars and Classes created in response to member requests for topics you wont find elsewhere
  • Automated Self-Select Mentoring program to address the specific needs of each Mentee
  • Speaking opportunities across the industries we serve to get more women of all levels on stage and out front
  • Job and Resume posting
  • Structured networking programs to ensure time well spent when participating

To learn more about WINiT programs and services, visit www.womenintravel.org.

“For almost 20 years my company has worked in the luxury lifestyle, travel, hospitality and event industries with most all associations. What first interested me in working with WINiT when I got the call from Mick, was the focused differentiation of programming and events. No individual or company has time to spend with an organization where there is not a return – even when it may be the right thing to do. WINiT got it right, is relevant and adds value” Peter Bates, President and Founder, Strategic Vision

Dedicating time to your own growth and development is time well spent.

I encourage you to read more, invest in yourself and invest in WINiT. Women Leadership in Travel, Meetings, Events and Exhibitions: www.womenintravel.org

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