Career Evolution Case Study: JaNette Connell

Harnessing Transferrable Skills into New Career Opportunities

Executive Career Challenge

For almost 20 years, JaNette Connell climbed the ranks as the consummate marketing and event professional.

Working for large companies such as General Motors and Nokia, JaNette managed relationships with sports franchises such as the NFL, NBA, PGA and more, to deliver large-scale, high-profile sponsorship and event marketing programs. In 2008, she joined Insperity, a leading provider of human resources and business solutions designed to help improve business performance. JaNette held the role of Director, Promotions, Events and Projects, as well as Director of Creative and Marketing Communications at Insperity.

Insperity felt like home for JaNette; she loved the corporate culture, the company’s commitment to service, and the professionals who comprised it. By early 2015, she felt ready for a growth opportunity, but had capped out within the Marketing organization, as there were no senior leadership roles in the department. JaNette found herself at a career crossroads because she didn’t want to leave Insperity, but she was unsure how to stay without a clear path for advancement.

Reframing Career Advancement into Career Evolution

Sometimes it just takes seeing things from a different perspective to identify new opportunities. An active member and leader within WINiT, JaNette leveraged both the career development skills she had gained through WINiT’s programs, as well as the advice and insight from WINiT’s extensive professional network to chart a course through her career development dilemma.

“WINIT provides me with an opportunity to engage in conversations about navigating the realities of today’s senior executive leadership environment. I’m able to connect, learn and then pass that information along to others, in hopes of accelerating their advancement, too,” commented JaNette.

Many WINiT members had shared their stories with JaNette about how, by turning a critical eye toward their core skills and competencies, they were able to transition into new roles and, thus, career opportunities. Taking the lead from some of her WINiT allies, she began articulating her ambitions, repackaging and selling her skills, such as business transformation and leadership, to senior executives at Insperity in a new way. In early 2016, JaNette was tapped for a newly created senior leadership position within the company – one that not only allowed her to leverage her existing strengths and capabilities, but also stretched her to develop new competencies and skills.

Career Development Outcomes

Any HR professional can attest to the value realized by an organization to retain top talent, both in terms of direct impact on cost savings to the organization, as well as the immeasurable benefits of retaining institutional knowledge and minimizing the employee onboarding process. As a provider of human resources and business performance solutions, this truth is not lost on Insperity’s senior executives.

“One of the keys to Insperity’s success is attracting and retaining top performers, such as JaNette,” said Larry Shaffer, Insperity Senior Vice president of Marketing and Business Development. “Working with employees to create a career path and identify new opportunities for growth and development internally is critical to organizations, such as Insperity, that realize employees are their greatest asset. JaNette’s resourcefulness, determination and remarkable leadership skills have made a significant impact in the Marketing department and on the company as a whole, which demonstrates the importance of retaining top talent.”

The transition into her new role, Managing Director, Marketing, Events and Corporate Travel, has been a smooth one, although JaNette says she is challenged and invigorated every day by the new facets of her role. “I was raised to believe that I was capable of accomplishing anything and I never approached a professional situation thinking anything less. WINiT’s mission aligns so clearly with my own personal and professional beliefs. The value of the career development support and the relationships that I’ve made through the organization are immeasurable.”

JaNette elevated her commitment to WINiT in 2017 and now serves in a voluntary leadership role on WINiT’s advisory board. She continues to serve WINiT – as a leader, mentor and volunteer – because she has experienced first-hand the power and impact WINiT makes on the careers and lives of its members.