GBTA Utah Chapter

opic: Bala is the co-founder and CEO of Lumo, a predictive technology company that forecasts flight delays to help proactively manage disruptions. He is equal parts aviation geek and data nerd and enjoys using mathematical tools to help make sense of complex data to drive better decision-making (and doesn’t throw around the terms AI and Machine Learning lightly). Prior to founding Lumo, he worked as a consultant to a wide range of companies, including airlines, to improve operational efficiency. He has a PhD from Berkeley.

GBTA Arizona Chapter

REDEFINING TRIP SUCCESS: Prioritizing Business Outcomes

For much of its history, travel management has largely measured success by two core components: Cost savings and policy compliance. Recent research shows it is time for a new model.

This session will feature in-depth research examining the concept of traveler friction and its impact on an organization’s most valuable travelers: road warriors. It will also leverage additional research to help travel managers benchmark their current air travel policy and show how to make that policy more effective and orient it towards driving positive business outcomes.

GBTA Tennessee Chapter

How Sticky is My Leadership?

So how do you know if you are a great leader? There are many answers; but most importantly, you have an engaged team that is creating real results. In this powerful keynote “How Sticky is My Leadership”, learn the secret behind leading others in such a way your team “sticks” with you. In an age where your team has many choices, the ability to lead with sticky principles is more important than ever before.

Join us as Kayla Barrett Curry, CEO, Organization Impact, shares her insights about leadership and shares secrets to set you up for success as you learn how to unlock the full potential of your leadership on your team and organization.

GBTA Bay Area Chapter

In the ever complicated world of business travel it’s difficult to know it all.  Learn the value of hiring an expert in all things travel from conducting RFP’s to Program Management!  Information on how to “sell” the value proposition up the management chain, and learn the ROI’s of the investment.

GBTA North Central Chapter

2019 Education Summit



GBTA San Diego Chapter

Please join us for a special Cinco de Mayo celebration and hear about a topic that affects all of us in the industry: Business Travel Payments & Data Security: Protecting Data & Mitigating Risk In The Digital Age.

GBTA Virginia Chapter

We are already a tech savvy industry, so what could be on the horizon?
Join us as we unwrap the future of business travel.

GBTA Rocky Mountain Chapter

oin the GBTA Rocky Mountain Chapter on Tuesday May 14th 2019 for a dynamic panel discussion devoted entirely to sports in corporate travel. From the collegiate level, professional level, and city-wide events, engage with our local sports industry professionals as we dive deep into how Sports impacts the Business Travel Industry. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to ask the questions you’ve always wondered about Sports in Business Travel!

GBTA Wisconsin Chapter

GBTA Inland Northwest Chapter

INBTA’s membership luncheon will be held on Tuesday, May 14th at 11:30am to 1pm. The program is on Sustainability: From Add-On to Imperative with Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton of Astrapto LLC.