WINiT Case Study: BCD Travel – Donor

An alignment of core values fuels BCD Travel’s commitment to WINiT


Shared intentions and values made BCD Travel’s decision to partner with WINiT an easy one. Over the past two years, the relationship between the two organizations has grown stronger, and both organizations—as well as the industry—have benefitted.

“I immediately saw a common vision between WINiT and BCD Travel”, said Amy Dalton, Senior Vice President-Americas, who attended WINiT’s first annual summit in July 2014. “I’m proud to belong to a company that has given so many women career opportunities and didn’t want to miss an opportunity to connect BCD with a network of women and men fighting to do the same thing for our industry.”

The partnership was encouraged from the top down at BCD Travel. “WINiT’s mission of supporting the development and promotion of women at all levels in the business travel industry aligns with our own company objectives—which go well beyond products and profits,” said John Snyder, BCD Travel’s Global President & CEO and an early WINiT advocate. “Championing the advancement of women is one step in building the foundation for our future goals of positive social impact and global business growth.”

BCD solidified the partnership by becoming a WINiT donor in August 2014. The commitment marked the beginning of a positive synergistic relationship.

How WINiT Helped

BCD places a priority on creating an environment that encourages and enables its people to develop to their fullest potential. To do so, the company provides employees with access to programs and services that support growth. WINiT’s offering of tools and programs provide an external resource that further enhances and enriches employees’ professional education and career advancement. One such tool is the WINiT Classroom. The online portal gives members access to a variety of educational resources including courses, articles, and research relevant to career development within the travel industry.

BCD also recognized the WINiT Mentor Program as a valuable asset not only to its own employees, but to the industry at large. The program is a self-guided resource for professionals in the travel, meeting, event, and exhibition industries. Participants engage in a pairing process to ensure complementary goals and objectives of the mentor and mentee. BCD sees the value of helping its employees find mentors and mentees externally, giving mentees a chance to build influential relationships within the industry and mentors a way to give back to the industry.

In May 2015, BCD initiated a comprehensive internal campaign to encourage their employees to become WINiT members. BCD believes that investment in community begins with the individual and passion for helping others is celebrated. Employees are encouraged to improve their communities through social investment and volunteerism. To date, 180 employees have become active members of WINiT—the most of any WINiT member company, leveraging programs and serving as both leaders and volunteers across various committees.

Benefits Realized

As BCD Travel enters its third year as a WINiT Donor, the partnership is stronger than ever. Five BCD employees participated in the WINiT Mentor Program. BCD Travel employees frequently speak at industry events on behalf of WINiT including IMEX Americas 2015, IMEX in Frankfurt 2015, and the WINiT Annual Summit 2016. And Karen deKanter, Sales Director, BCD M&E, received the WINiT 2016 Leadership Award, given to one member annually based on volunteerism, leadership, and overall contribution.

“BCD Travel truly embodies the spirit of everything we hope for in a donor and partner. From its commitment to WINiT as an organization to the individual support of its employees as members, leaders, and volunteers, we feel so fortunate to have BCD Travel’s support and commitment as we strive to create opportunities for women in the travel, meeting, event, and exhibition industries,” said Dawn Repoli, Executive Director and COO, WINiT.