Dawn Repoli
Executive Director & COO

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.” – Melody Beattie

I feel incredibly fortunate that I love what I do.

Because of that, I am naturally inclined to tell the story of WINiT – to colleagues and my ever-growing network of dedicated professionals in the industries we support. While I may be one of WINiT’s most passionate advocates and storyteller, our Members – our WINIT family – are the true voice of WINiT. They tell our story through the experiences they have, the successes they celebrate, and the challenges they overcome while navigating their career paths. They truly are the artists that paint the most vivid and authentic landscape of our organization.

This quarter, I asked one of our leaders (Carrie Freeman Parsons, Vice Chair, Freeman) and one of our members (Donna Mitsos, Vice President of Sales Innovation Meetings / WE World Experts) some questions about how WINiT has had an impact on their lives and careers. Here’s what they had to say:

What impact has WINiT had on you professionally and personally?

The most significant impact has been the impressive commitment by so many smart professionals who are sharing their knowledge, expertise and time with the WINiT Community.  Seeing the relationships that are formed by those who choose to truly engage is a reminder that this network is making an impact. – Carrie Freeman Parsons 

What legacy do you hope to leave for future generations of professional women?

I love to connect people – personally and professionally. To see the synergies and opportunities that can come from bringing people together, whether because they have shared experiences, goals, or interests. I believe so strongly in the value that is created by connecting people and hope to show others, by example, how simple and powerful the act can be. –Donna Mitsos

That women (and, men too) worry less about their career path and more about finding their purpose and then translating that purpose into their work.  When that happens, there is so much more clarity regarding the professional options that are open to you.   And, when you are living your purpose in your work, you are not only fulfilled, the work is more enjoyable and your impact is more significant. – Carrie Freeman Parsons

How do you hope to make an impact on the careers and lives of women?  

There are two important lessons I’ve learned and that I hope to share. You can have it all, but not at the same time. And, that’s OK.  What this means is that you need to know yourself – you need to know your strengths and ruthlessly prioritize.  When you set a standard for yourself based on your truth rather than what you think others believe your truth should be, you will ultimately be more successful personally and professionally. – Carrie Freeman Parsons

To help women gain the courage, confidence and power to excel and continually grow. I hope to share my experiences and talents to help others grow, learn, and succeed. – Donna Mitsos

What program or programs do you think deliver the most benefit to members?

Within the WINiT community, the eagerness to help each other is remarkable. I think the WINiT Mentor Program offers tremendous benefits. As mentees, we can learn from those more experienced to help us identify skills and educational areas that can be improved upon, to determine a path and direction and to develop relationships and provide important networking connections. Being a mentor is rewarding as it allows us to share what we have learned through our successes and failures during our career and also to give back. – Donna Mitsos 

What types of programs and services would you like to see WINiT offer in 2018?  

I would like to see the WINiT community have more opportunity to engage face-to-face.  No doubt, the virtual community is beneficial. But, when people get together face-to-face, the impact is even more significant. – Carrie Freeman Parsons

Carrie and Donna represent two of our many amazing WINiT Ambassadors who emulate the spirit of WINiT every day through their actions and words. To see how other WINiT Members bring the WINiT mission to life, take a look at some of our Member case studies.

Dawn Repoli
Executive Director & COO, WINiT