Connect. Educate. Advance.

WINiT is a network of women and men serving as a catalyst to drive change, provide support and educate the public about the benefits of career development, visibility & mobility of women in the travel, meeting, event and exhibition industries.

What Makes WINiT Different?

360 Perspective
From the collaboration of both men and women

Supportive & Inclusive
Of women at all levels, not just senior executives

Global Organization
Members are spread across the globe

Member Visibility
115 Members have been paired with speaking and training opportunities

Professional Curriculum
Focuses on career development and advancement

Association Agnostic
Complements, not competes with existing industry programs

Valuable Programs
Online Communities, Mentor Program, Career Board, Summit, Sponsored Events, Speaks, Classroom, University, Local Gatherings, Educational Sessions, Webinars

Take Action

  • Become a Member

    Join a group of like-minded people who value what WINiT offers them both individually and collectively.

  • Be a Mentor or Mentee

    A self-service program for Mentors and Mentees across all WINiT categories and industries and is open to women and men. Both Mentors and Mentees can ‘hand pick’ their selection based on a quick match questionnaire.

  • Donate

    Support women’s success in the travel, meeting, event and exhibition industries.